Above: Owen & Calvin deliver one or two insights, into our Shedmaster, Peter Wood.
OU R  R E A S O N   F O R   B E I N G.

people first.

The Woodshed School is an unconventional organization committed to mining, harnessing, and exporting the power of innovative creative thinking.

We believe that whether your role is in Art, Science or Business, it is imperative that you be able to grasp the true essence of a given problem. That the human need, not the product, business or corporate need come first. In doing so, you have the ability to create truly effective, lasting, and meaningful solutions.

Be you a working professional or still at school. Or somewhere in between.

Solutions that benefit people first. Followed by product and business success. Helping you to develop and practice this skill set. By taking your creative brain out to our Woodshed.

This is what we do. This is what Peter our Shedmaster believes.